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Four Weekend Masses

Make a Dish for Funeral Luncheon

Be part of our funeral ministry by preparing a dish for a funeral luncheon. You will be called on a rotational basis when a funeral luncheon is requested. The caller will ask you to prepare a dish (regular family size) at your home and deliver it to the Parish Center the morning of the funeral.  Many people who work days can participate in this ministry by dropping their dish off on their way to work.  All adults are invited to share in this ministry.

Serve at Funeral Luncheon

Be part of a team that prepares and serves funeral luncheons for our parish families. Each team has a captain, a caller and several helpers. Teams rotate as available and spend approximately 4 – 5 hours including clean up. Adult men and women serve in this ministry.

Special Event Food Preparation

If you would be willing to bake or prepare food for special events, meetings or other events sponsored by the parish we would love to have you share your talent. This could involve anything from cookies to a meal.

Food of Faith

Many of the churches in Bay City cooperate to provide a hot meal to those who would not have one each Sunday afternoon from 2:00 – 4:00pm at Trinity Episcopal Church on Center and Grant  Streets. Our parish prepares and serves the meal 10-12  times per year. A prep crew is needed, as well as a crew to serve and clean up.  Service time is flexible – come early and stay till the end or come for a couple of hours as your time allows. This is a great way for families to share their time and talents together.

Potluck Sundays

After the 12:30 mass on the first Sunday of each month, parishioners are invited to bring a dish to pass and enjoy a potluck dinner. It is a great way to get to know your fellow parishioners and share a meal together. 

Sunday Kitchen

Families participating in the Sunday Kitchen take turns serving meals for parishioners after the 12:30 mass.  The modest prices charged for the meals cover the cost of the food with proceeds going to the parish. As with Potluck Sundays, the Sunday Kitchen helps foster a close knit community.

Weekend Masses

5:00 pm – St. James Church

8:30 am – St. James Church
10:30 am – St. Boniface Church
12:30 pm – St. Boniface Church
(bilingual mass)

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About All Saints Parish

On July 1, 2014, the parishes of St Boniface, St James and Our Lady of Guadalupe merged and formed the new faith community of All Saints Parish. We invite you to join us to worship together in community and serve the Lord.

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